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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm back! ....with Ideas for Remembrances at Your Wedding

I'm back at last!

Ideas for Remembering Those You've Lost at Your Wedding

I'm sure some of you were wondering where I've been? It's been a hard few months as I've been coping with the sudden loss of my mother. What a challenging time it's been as I literally, within just a couple weeks, lived the movie title Four Weddings and a Funeral. I reflect on the great times with my mom, those that she'll miss, and how proud she was of me, my family and all my accomplishments (including a thriving wedding consulting business). She loved hearing about all of your wedding plans, questioned some of my brides choices (until she saw the photos of the end results), and loved the stories about each of my clients.

As I've been working on plans for next season clients, I'm reminded of my own wedding and how lucky I am that I was able to have all my parents there. I've had several clients who have parents and family members that have passed away, and they often ask what's the best way to memorialize them without it feeling too depressing or more of a memorial service than a grand celebration.

So here's a few ideas to help you out:
  • Candles set to the side of the ceremony or reception area, sometimes with a picture. You can choose to light it during the ceremony or privately prior to the start of the ceremony. I had one client whose father loved golf, so to honor him we created this golf ball filled vase, they lit the candle in quiet family moment prior to guests arriving.

  • Brides can carry photos in charm frames on their bouquet or pinned in lockets. Make sure your photographer gets a few close shots of this. You can get these at most craft or scrapbooking stores. Here's one from Bridal Bling on Etsy.

  • We often will leave an empty seat in the front row to honor parents they've lost, with a small bunch of flowers.

  • Couples often choose to include a note of explanation in the program. I love this poem!

In memory of loved ones past………submitted by Lori Liebetrau
Although death has separated us physically, faith and love have bound us eternally.
Though we cannot see you, we know you are here.
Though we cannot touch you, we feel the warmth of your smile,
as we begin a new chapter in our lives.
Today we pause to reflect upon those who have shaped our character,
molded our spirits and touched our hearts.
May the lighting of this candle be a reminder of the memories we have shared,
a representation of the everlasting impact you have made upon our lives.

In honor of my fabulously stylish, loving, quick witted, proper, Australian mom here's a bouquet in her favorite color and flower. I love and miss you! Yet I know you are keeping an eye on all that goes on...including those interesting wedding choices, I know you'll love them in the end!

Photo from The Knot

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Jared Wilson Photography said...

Welcome back! We all missed you - wherever you went... :)