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Monday, March 26, 2012

{Wedding Design} Cotton Candy Wedding Accents

I did a post the other day about using cotton candy at our bridal show table. It got me thinking about what other fun ways could you use cotton candy at your wedding?   I think it would be great to use the cotton candy set at your placesetting, displayed in a bowl, and then have the staff come and pour a soup course in the glass and the cotton candy melts, adding to the flavor.  Ok, before you say “eewww grosss”! Keep in mind there are tons of flavors of cotton candy including bacon & jalapeno.   Check out Tasty Clouds for a ton of flavors!
So that may be an option for you foodies…for those not quite as adventurous….you could just top your champagne glass with a tuft of your favorite flavor….strawberry maybe. 

Well I searched to see how others are using this sweet treat, and here are just a few:

Candy Stations
Using it as a backdrop and to add height.  
Hanging from a tree for guests to take home. 
Little balls of cotton candy in cupcake holders.

Cake Decor
It would make lovely d├ęcor item around your cake, very ethereal!

Champagne Garnish
Pick your favorite flavor or wedding colors.


Signature Drinks
The most popular seems to be as a signature drink, either as a garnish or as part of the drink recipe.




Catering Enhancement
I think it would be cool to work with your caterer on a flavor mixture and create your own unique cotton candy course.  It would be memorable!   

Pumpkin Soup with cotton candy garnish
Garnish for late night snack
Your caterer could make a food flavored cotton candy and you could have it as an appetizer or dessert station.  Your caterer could pass out sticks of a spun bacon flavored cotton candy, or mango flavored…yes this actually exists!!  I had the mango flavored one, and it was delish!

Bacon Flavored cotton candy
Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy served on Bacon

Shrimp covered in cotton candy
What ideas can you think of for adding cotton candy to your day?

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