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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Etiquette Tips - Ordering and Mailing Invitations

Wedding Invitations.....When to Order and Mail?

Oooh...letterpress.....engraving...monograms....textured papers.....ribbons.....I LOVE invitations!
There are an infinite number of wedding invitation styles to choose from and you can find them everywhere: DIY at scrapbooking stores, bridal magazines, online, fab custom designers, and local stationers.

Allow yourself plenty of time to look at the various styles, finding the perfect match to your wedding design can take some time. Additionally you'll want a reasonable amount of time for ordering and addressing them. Check with your stationer on how long it takes from ordering to delivery, and that will help you determine when to place your order. A good rule of thumb is to order your invitations 3-4 months prior to your wedding. Be sure to order a few extras, as there will be those last minute people you forgot to add to your list...plus you'll want a keepsake for yourself!

While your invitations are being made it's the perfect time to make sure you have addresses for everyone on your list....tell your parents no more procrastinating you have to have Aunt Muriel's new address! Having your list complete will make the addressing go so much faster when that big box of stunning invitations arrives on your doorstep.

Plan out your time so that you'll be addressing them about 10 weeks prior to your wedding. Then plan on popping those stylish invites in the mail 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding.

Now....I know many of you are so excited to get them out and want to send them several months earlier. Believe me I can hear you now..."but I have so many out of state guests, but I want to get responses back early". Try to resist sending them out too early. You'll get a handful back right away, but the majority of your guests will set them aside and may forget about them if your big day is a ways off. That 6-8 weeks is really typical timing and most of you may have notified your guests via your wedding website or save the dates anyways (save the dates go out about 4-6 months prior by the way, unless you have a destination wedding). Ok...ok....for those of you panicking (and nobody wants a panicked bride), we do occasionally send them out 10 weeks prior. :)

If you're hiring a calligrapher talk to them in advance to let them know you'll be contracting with them, and then let them know as soon as you place your order and have an estimated delivery date so they can get you on their schedule.

Have a great time looking at invitations, it's the first impression guests have of your day, make it fabulous!

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TAL said...

Wedding invitations are definitely fun to design. Just make sure if you plan on sending out invitations and you have a wedding website, that the site is done before the invites are mailed. This way you can include the URL in your invitations and don't need to send out additional information later on.