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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding Ideas - Color Trends Part 2

Color Trends -Selecting a Palette (Part 2)

(In Part 1 we talked about Hot Color Trends, and maybe you found a color that works? In Part 2, there's some suggestions for how to take that one color and make it into a fab palette for your wedding decor.)

You've picked up several bridal magazines and have maybe pulled out a picture (or two) of your dream wedding. You love everything about it.... except maybe the colors aren't exactly perfect.

I know many brides who look at all those sheets they've pulled/marked and get so excited about each that they can't select just one color for their palette. Well if you're struggling to figure out which is the perfect match for your stylish affair here's a quick, fun way to narrow it down. Take those pictures you've pulled, scan them and upload them to the color palette generator! Done! Once you upload your picture it analyzes your photo and gives you a selection of colors to create that ideal palette. Do you see any trends? Select the ones you like or find the colors common to all the photos. Do you lean towards the taupes and browns, or maybe butter colors...navy...sage tones? So easy to do, you'll be able to describe your palette, and you'll be on your way to picking linens and flowers.

However, if you already have a base color whether from the latest trend or one you've been picturing using in your wedding since you were 8 yrs old, and just need a few accents or complimentary colors to make your palette pop then go to the wheel! I'm sure at some point in your schooling you've seen this rainbow wheel of color. The color wheel is a perfect way to ensure that your wedding will be a stylin' "do" instead of a "don't".

Maybe it's been a few years since you've played with this, so here's a refresher.

There are several ways to make sure your colors "go together", here are a few:


This would be just taking your fave color and using a variety of shades. If you use a lot of contrast in the shades it's super dramatic!

Select colors that are opposite each other. This one is a little more challenging to get right, so pick one as the main color with a few pops of the other color.

Pick colors that are side-by-side. One can be your main color and the others used as accents. This is similar to the monochromatic, but gives you even more hues.

As the name implies this color palette uses any three colors which form a triangle on the color wheel, equally spaced apart. Again, focus on one main color with pops of the others.

These are just the basic of the color wheel, for an online color wheel tool that let's you get in to more subtle tones of each color visit the online color scheme designer!

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