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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creating an (air)Stream-Lined Affair

That's right, I said it - Airstream. As in, the luxury recreational trailer vehicles, recognized for their ovular shapes and aluminum bodies. So maybe you're not rushing to your planner to request a coral, plum, and aluminum-themed wedding, but hear me out.

Within the last year or so I've come across a few different weddings where the bride and groom have incorporated Airstreams into their design motif. The vehicles are a definite throwback, and can add a serious fun factor to your evening. Outside of serving as a photo opp for your and your guests, the Airstream addition can also serve a functional purpose. Recently, people have been converting Airstreams into catering on wheels - turning outdated travel wagons into posh-looking bars and even cupcake providers!

Here are some of our favorite ways classics-loving couples have incorporated these fine pieces of American history into their special days.

@ Katy Gray Photography
@ Blue Window Photo

@ Skillet Street Food

@ Steven Myers Photography

@ Jose Villa Photography   ... and Enjoy Cupcakes!

@ Kate Mefford Photography

What did I tell you? Add an Airstream or rolling caterer to your wedding...your fun meter goes up 1,000 points! There are tons of way to incorporate this idea into your wedding in Denver. Just ask us, we have tons of ideas!

Seriously, we do. Check back tomorrow for three. Until then...

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Rob Huff said...

Cool post. I never would have thought about incorporating an Airstream into my wedding. Thanks for sharing!