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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool Thing : Sugarboo Photoboxes

So, tell me you've discovered Sugarboo Photoboxes. You have discovered Sugarboo Photoboxes, right? Right?!

Hopefully you're saying, "Yes! Yes!" ...but if you're staring blankly at your screen saying, "No, and what's the big deal if I haven't?" then I've got something to tell you.

Sugarboo Photoboxes are, in fact, the perfect gift. I dare you to unwrap one of these sentimental gems and be disappointed. I first discovered Sugarboo at my friend's boutique, The Empty Nest, in Webster Groves, Missouri. On the wall behind the counter they had a few of the photoboxes hanging, and I found myself getting teary eyed over photos of people I didn't, nor would ever, know.

If you're looking for a heartfelt gift as a maid of honor, a sister of the groom, or even just a really good friend... we're talking Sugarboo. Choose a photo of the couple where they're looking very much in love. Pick out one of the many quotes and sayings Sugarboo offers, and then select a color for the frame. I guarantee the recipient will shed a tear and will treasure your gift for years to come.

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