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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding Ideas - Color Trends Part 2

Color Trends -Selecting a Palette (Part 2)

(In Part 1 we talked about Hot Color Trends, and maybe you found a color that works? In Part 2, there's some suggestions for how to take that one color and make it into a fab palette for your wedding decor.)

You've picked up several bridal magazines and have maybe pulled out a picture (or two) of your dream wedding. You love everything about it.... except maybe the colors aren't exactly perfect.

I know many brides who look at all those sheets they've pulled/marked and get so excited about each that they can't select just one color for their palette. Well if you're struggling to figure out which is the perfect match for your stylish affair here's a quick, fun way to narrow it down. Take those pictures you've pulled, scan them and upload them to the color palette generator! Done! Once you upload your picture it analyzes your photo and gives you a selection of colors to create that ideal palette. Do you see any trends? Select the ones you like or find the colors common to all the photos. Do you lean towards the taupes and browns, or maybe butter colors...navy...sage tones? So easy to do, you'll be able to describe your palette, and you'll be on your way to picking linens and flowers.

However, if you already have a base color whether from the latest trend or one you've been picturing using in your wedding since you were 8 yrs old, and just need a few accents or complimentary colors to make your palette pop then go to the wheel! I'm sure at some point in your schooling you've seen this rainbow wheel of color. The color wheel is a perfect way to ensure that your wedding will be a stylin' "do" instead of a "don't".

Maybe it's been a few years since you've played with this, so here's a refresher.

There are several ways to make sure your colors "go together", here are a few:


This would be just taking your fave color and using a variety of shades. If you use a lot of contrast in the shades it's super dramatic!

Select colors that are opposite each other. This one is a little more challenging to get right, so pick one as the main color with a few pops of the other color.

Pick colors that are side-by-side. One can be your main color and the others used as accents. This is similar to the monochromatic, but gives you even more hues.

As the name implies this color palette uses any three colors which form a triangle on the color wheel, equally spaced apart. Again, focus on one main color with pops of the others.

These are just the basic of the color wheel, for an online color wheel tool that let's you get in to more subtle tones of each color visit the online color scheme designer!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fab Trip to Cali!...our party was crashed!

Photo of the Week - Photos from Rockstar Wedding Planner Live
Here's quick recap of my amazing trip to LA for Rockstar Wedding Planner Live. It was full of content for changing the way you do business, my head was crammed full of ideas. BUT of course being wedding planners we have a great time too!

Me and Ciara Daykin (our hostess)

For those of us that were the first 6 to sign up, it started with a limo ride, and great lunch at the Ivy. The Ivy is the place to lunch and be seen for the famous. We pulled up in the limo and the kids were so excited thinking it was a movie star getting out, sorry kids!

I've heard so much about the crab cakes and they didn't disappoint! The portions were HUGE!How many people did they think were going to eat this?

After a busy morning session, we had a lovely lunch outside, with great decor and beautiful flowers. I loved the chairs from Chameleon Chairs, and of course stunning linens from Wildflower Linens (also our lunch presenter).

Enjoying the LA sun with my roomie, Lauren, a fab wedding consultant in NY.

Our closing party was a blast! Our DJ was hysterical and taught us many a new dance move. He pulled me out to do some impromptu Thriller choreography. There was a lot of dancing, after all how often do wedding consultants get to cut loose at the party!?!?!

Stunning florals, an old-fashioned candy bar (that's cotton candy in that pic), yummy cake...it was a great party! Wedding consultants know how to throw a bash.....our party was even crashed by a wedding. That's a first I think!?!?! We didn't mind at all. There was a little boy that had more energy than the energizer bunny and kept us entertained with his dance moves.
Overall and exhausting and energizing week (not sure how that's possible?), educational and so much fun!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding Ideas - Color Trends Part 1

Wedding Color Palette...what's hot!

(This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series on Color Palettes)

Selecting your wedding color palette can be a big decision, it will affect every aspect of your day!
Maybe you have a favorite color, or have just seen a great combo in one of the magazines you've picked up. Well if you're having a difficult time selecting a color here's a bit of help!

Color Trends
As a consultant I can't wait for the Pantone Reports to come out each year. They really give us a good indication of what the trends are going to be...usually for the following year. This year it seems to be all about adding bright pops of color in to your look! Select any of the following colors and you'll be setting the trends instead of following them!

If you're selecting colors for this spring and summer here are the hot colors!

The Fall Color Report (see the link to view all the colors in the report) has phenomenal colors that cover a broad spectrum.....American Beauty Red, Purple Heart, Burnt Sienna, Crème Brûlée, Honey Yellow (pair with Purple Heart for a fantastic flair or Burnt Sienna for a more Fall feel) , Nomad, Rapture Rose, Warm Olive, Majolica Blue, Majolica Blue, Iron (the new Black!).

For those of you still color challenged (said with love!) check out Part 2 of Color Trends for more in depth info on selecting colors!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wedding Etiquette - Engagement Etiquette

Tipsy Thursday (a.k.a Wedding Etiquette Tips)
Engagement Etiquette

I hope all of you have a fabulous Valentine's Day! I know many of you got engaged over the weekend, are rejoicing in the excitement, and are ready to shout it from the rooftops (if you haven't already!). Doesn't that bit of bling feel great, but maybe a tad bit awkward still? I'm sure you'll get used to it and are finding many reasons to use that left hand so that the ring is prominently displayed and sparkling!

Engagements are such a joyous time, full of big decisions and creative planning. During this time you will be bringing your family and friends together and with all this "closeness" there may be some times of friction. As you plan, remember that you and your fiance need to work as a team and support each other. Remember during your engagement to be considerate and communicate to all involved and hopefully you can keep your planning process smooth and easy.

Now that you're engaged here are a few things you should know:

1. Tell everyone! As I mentioned previously, you probably already have made a few calls to break the big news. If you haven't, there actually is an order to telling people:
  • If either of you have children they are the first to know. Even if they are adult children, show them the courtesy of telling them before you make it public.
  • Parents are next and you can decide to tell them together or talk to your parents on your own. If they haven't met your fiance, now's the time for a great introduction. In person is best, but at a minimum a phone intro should take place quickly. If your parents are divorced and you aren't as close with one, they still deserve to hear the news directly from you.
  • Relatives and Close Friends are next in line. Oh...and avoid asking too many people to be in your bridal party until you've had a chance to sit down and really think about it....once it's out there you can't take it back.
  • Co-workers - let your boss know first, and then your colleagues.
2. Not long after your engagement you should arrange for the parents to meet. In current times it doesn't matter as much who contacts who first. However, the bride's family should give the groom's family the chance to make that first move. If the families are separated by a distance they should make contact via phone if possible. The first meeting is usually organized by the groom's family, but again you can throw this custom out if it works better for your situation. This meeting can be a casual brunch, lunch, BBQ...whatever works for your crowd. If you have divorced parents then consider their feelings and the family dynamics before forcing them in to an uncomfortable situation. You can have separate gatherings.

3. Engagement Parties.....while they aren't mandatory, they are the perfect time for all your friends and family to gather for a toast in your honor. Note that gifts are not expected at this event; however, you may receive a few. Thank you notes should be written.....think of it as good practice for things to come!

4. Throughout your engagement make time for just the two of you. Set up date nights, with no wedding chat. Your fiance will really appreciate that.

5. Get to planning!!!! ...and of course a great wedding planner is the first thing on your list! We can't wait to hear from you! :)

Remember communication is the key during your engagement and in your future together. Have a great time planning your wedding!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goin' to Cali for Wedding Consultant Seminar

As this is posting I'm midair on my way to Cali! Don't you love technology!

I'm so excited to be heading to LA for a Wedding Consultant Seminar...Rockstar Wedding Planner Live! It's going to be a great time to learn great information for my business, network with other wedding planners, and of course we always come back with great new ideas!

First stop is lunch at the Ivy with several consultants...I guess it's the place to be seen and to see the stars (plus I hear great crabcakes!). I'll let cha know!

Of course with all those planners you can't go to a seminar without a big party! Our closing night will be a big bash...can you say major photo op!

Even though I'm gone I'll still be blogging. So look for a two part series on Color Trends...the first will be on Friday!
I'll post some fun pics when I return!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo of the Week - Bride's Colorado Wedding Venues

Photo of the Week

This isn't my regular photo of the week, it's the cover of the latest Bride's Colorado. We are thrilled to announce that we were featured in an article on fabulous venues in Colorado. So this week's photo of the week is actually several...read on!

My portion of the article (page 94) focused on venues in the Front Range. They quoted us on three of the nine venues we wrote about: Villa Parker, JW Marriott Denver in Cherry Creek and The Seawell Ballroom. So here's the full info on several of our favs!

Fabulous Denver Wedding Venues

Well, let me start by saying there are countless incredible venues in Colorado, so narrowing it down to Denver and surrounding areas makes this task a little easier! Some of these venues that I specify are popular favorites others are my hidden little treasures that when you see, you will wonder how they’ve been kept secret for so long! Here’s a list of my favorite venues:

For the more quaint guest list, under 100 guests.

Boettcher Mansion: You could certainly add a few more to the list, but Boettcher Mansion is the ideal venue for that 80-100 person guest list. It’s perfect for those wanting a truly rustic mountain atmosphere, and the Arts and Crafts architecture is astoundingly magnificent. The patios of the venue are simply perfect for outdoor ceremonies and cocktailing. With wildlife roaming the property during the day, and breathtaking views of the big city lights at night; this venue encompasses all that is beautiful about Denver.

Villa at Parker: For those who want a ‘home wedding’- only not their home- Villa at Parker is the location for you! While the entire property certainly accommodates a larger number of guests, I believe it provides an intimate setting for those who want an elegant sit down dinner for 100. Specifically renovated to accommodate events and be a venue location, the Villa is an incredible estate. It’s completely private with a charming garden setting for a ceremony; a delightful terrace for mingling and tossing back a few martinis’s with your guests; and plenty of space for dancing and celebration!

The Denver Botanical Gardens is unsurpassed for a breathtaking natural setting! Holding up to 50 guests for a sit down dinner, the All-American Garden is their only outdoor venue with a tent already in place, and it’s surrounded in its entirety by the gardens. Beautiful and scenic, the grounds are always blossoming in vibrant colors, so you can keep your decor simple!

For the average size wedding of 100-200.

JW Marriott in Cherry Creek: I love the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek, they are consistently fabulous! Incredibly accommodating, easy to work with, savory food, and an exceptional staff! The resort has some wonderful ballrooms, but it’s the outdoor terrace that I adore. Easily transformable and adaptable to changes in weather, and so versatile for décor that every time I design an event there it’s a completely different and dramatic space!

Dunafon Castle: My all time favorite wedding venue is stately Dunafon Castle! This 17 acre, private residence and restored castle provides your guests with a majestic Colorado mountain experience. The castle is so unique it complements every wedding style from contempo chic to a classic atmosphere! It sits in a valley, with multiple lakes, a river running around the property, and a mountainside that they light up at night. One of the best elements is that a portion of the money you spend on your site fee is donated to charity, so you can feel good that you’re helping support a worthy cause.

Sanctuary: a truly exquisite Colorado experience with a grand fireplace, wooden beams and chandeliers. Truly a superb setting for a reception, and phenomenally breathtaking views for photo ops!

For that great big wedding over 200+.

Once you tally over 200 on your guest list the options for sit down dinner venues start decreasing rapidly. I know a select few wonderful hotels that can handle the 200 + size guest list, and a few unusual venues as well.

The Ritz-Carlton, Downtown Denver: The Ritz-Carlton in Beaver Creek has always been a joy to work, and now I’m thrilled they’ve built one in downtown Denver with a wide selection of luxurious ballrooms to choose from. This venue is absolutely perfect for the stylish bride who desires superior service and magnificent cuisine.

Grand Terrace at Green Gables Country Club: When tented the terrace at the outdoor Grand Terrace at Green Gables Country Club can hold up to 400 guests. This is a unique venue with simply fabulous views. The lakeside ceremony location is just spectacular, and the view of the lake and golf course from the Grand Terrace are unparalleled in Denver.

The Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts has a remarkable space that can hold up to 500 of your closest family and friends. The space is so unique with its fiber optic ceiling and the option of hanging absolutely anything (including centerpieces) from the ceiling! One of my favorite aspects of this location is their desire to work with you to create a dynamic space with great lighting effects. Add to that the incredible panoramic views of the Front Range and it’s a truly dramatic space for your wedding!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Ideas - New Twists on the Late Night Snack

The Wedding Reception - New Twists on the Late Night Snacks

It seems like one of the latest wedding reception trends is to provide your guests with a delicious late night treat before they go home. Keep in mind they've been dancing fiends for several hours with maybe a drink of two in them (maybe just one or two?!?), so it's a nice time for you to get one more snack in there. It can be another fun detail to your stunning day and the last impression.

I know many people who are still enjoying the candy station for this idea....but there are so many creative (and inventive) things you can do...read on!

Is there something that goes with the theme and feel of your wedding?
Do you and your honey have a favorite snack or tradition? Be sure to pull those fun details in to your day so that it really reflects you as a couple.
Did he propose at your favorite sushi restaurant, how about dessert sushi (all chocolate, rice krispie treats and candies made to look like real sushi...it's deceivingly delicious!).
Every Friday night do you curl up on the couch for a movie date night and have ice cream? Ice cream sandwiches were served at the event below.
For my destination weddings, we see a lot of tapas, chips and salsa....anything to go with those margaritas!
Some of my favorite late night snack are ones that are interactive:
Ice cream stations with a selection of candy mix-ins...think Cold Stone/Marble Slab...delicious!
I also love the new high tech smores stations...or even the old-fashioned ones if your event is outside!
The following trend is HOT HOT HOT!
Caterers are playing around with the chemistry of food in a new trend called molecular catering. Now this isn't your old high school chemistry class gone amok...it's like Willy Wonka creations come to life! Caterers are using tools, and scientific techniques to transform food in to a completely different concoction and in to an amazing food experience. This hot trend allows caterers to get extremely creative and provides some serious razzle dazzle for your guests. This can be whatever your caterer comes up with...imagine a tiny foam puff ball that you pop in to your mouth and it "explodes" in to a fabulous bite of lemon pie (make sure your mouth is closed!), a shot glass with a clear liquid that reconstitutes into mint ice cream flavored chocolate crumbles, or a little sphere that looks like caviar but is mango flavored bites when it bursts. You'll be providing an experience for your guests that is as much uber cool art as it is a snack. Chefs have been doing amazing things (and it doesn't have to be limited to dessert...edible menus anyone?)

Usually you'll have fewer people there for the late night snack, so you won't need to provide the snack for your full guest count. You may also decide that you want to send all your guests off with a treat, set them out early so that everyone can partake. It will be their choice to eat it now or later. Most of these donut and frappuccinos didn't make it to the car!
Whatever memorable idea you decide on, your guests will enjoy that last little tidbit before the event ends. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding Etiquette Tips - Ordering and Mailing Invitations

Wedding Invitations.....When to Order and Mail?

Oooh...letterpress.....engraving...monograms....textured papers.....ribbons.....I LOVE invitations!
There are an infinite number of wedding invitation styles to choose from and you can find them everywhere: DIY at scrapbooking stores, bridal magazines, online, fab custom designers, and local stationers.

Allow yourself plenty of time to look at the various styles, finding the perfect match to your wedding design can take some time. Additionally you'll want a reasonable amount of time for ordering and addressing them. Check with your stationer on how long it takes from ordering to delivery, and that will help you determine when to place your order. A good rule of thumb is to order your invitations 3-4 months prior to your wedding. Be sure to order a few extras, as there will be those last minute people you forgot to add to your list...plus you'll want a keepsake for yourself!

While your invitations are being made it's the perfect time to make sure you have addresses for everyone on your list....tell your parents no more procrastinating you have to have Aunt Muriel's new address! Having your list complete will make the addressing go so much faster when that big box of stunning invitations arrives on your doorstep.

Plan out your time so that you'll be addressing them about 10 weeks prior to your wedding. Then plan on popping those stylish invites in the mail 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding.

Now....I know many of you are so excited to get them out and want to send them several months earlier. Believe me I can hear you now..."but I have so many out of state guests, but I want to get responses back early". Try to resist sending them out too early. You'll get a handful back right away, but the majority of your guests will set them aside and may forget about them if your big day is a ways off. That 6-8 weeks is really typical timing and most of you may have notified your guests via your wedding website or save the dates anyways (save the dates go out about 4-6 months prior by the way, unless you have a destination wedding). Ok...ok....for those of you panicking (and nobody wants a panicked bride), we do occasionally send them out 10 weeks prior. :)

If you're hiring a calligrapher talk to them in advance to let them know you'll be contracting with them, and then let them know as soon as you place your order and have an estimated delivery date so they can get you on their schedule.

Have a great time looking at invitations, it's the first impression guests have of your day, make it fabulous!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Destination Weddings - Advice from a Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Weddings......Ring on Hand, Toes in Sand!
Advice from a Destination Wedding Planner

I'm looking outside at the snow coming down, and thinking.... two more weeks and I'll be on the beach in Mexico for one of my clients weddings! Can't wait!

The Colorado mountains are one of the top destination wedding locations within the United States, but a lot of my clients are traveling beyond the borders to exotic places to say their I Do's.
There are wonderful locations abroad and many appealing things about destination weddings.
Some of the reasons couples choose destination weddings are:
  • Because they will be surrounded by a smaller group of people, their closest friends and family.

  • They can be less expensive than the full blown wedding in their hometown.

  • They may like the idea of combining their wedding and honeymoon.

  • My favorite aspect of destination weddings is how close everyone gets in those few days. No other type of wedding allows all the guests to gather several days prior to the event, to mingle in a casual setting, and really get to know each other. You get to have a 4 day wedding event, instead of a 4 hour! By the time everyone get's to the reception it's quite the celebration.

In planning a destination wedding there are so many things you need to think of and it can be challenging with language barriers and getting timely responses. Of course I strongly encourage you to hire a wedding planner who has experience in planning weddings abroad. The "wedding planners" on the properties are really facility coordinators and don't really help the way we would think they would. They are mostly responsible for booking your event, making sure the ceremony is set up, making a dinner reservation if it's all-inclusive, and that's about where their responsibilities end.

There are the regular big name hotels, boutique styles, and all-inclusive properties. At any of the big name hotels setting up a wedding is very similar to here, and you'll need to find most of the vendors on your own. The hotel has recommendations, but they can be pricey, so do your research online.
At most of the all-inclusive properties their wedding packages usually include the bouquet, the boutonniere, the ceremony site and officiant, dinner reservations at one of their sit-down restaurants, a bottle of champagne, and a small wedding cake. Sounds perfect! Well...yes and no...these are great for the smaller groups of say 10-15 people which is what they are really designed for. Note that the dinner reservation is just mixed in with the rest of the hotel guests, it's not a private event. If you have a larger group, and want all the festivities of a traditional wedding (dancing etc) you'll need to set up a private function which will be an additional cost (yes you'll need to pay for the bar and the food even though it's all-inclusive).

I think the biggest challenge for couples going abroad is knowing the right questions to ask the resorts, and that's where an experienced planner can really help. Realize that many resorts want to finalize the details of your wedding once you arrive on the property.....we generally try to get everything taken care of before you get there, so that there are no surprises. If you're planning it on your own, really push to get all the details ahead of time.

With so many fab places, how does one decide where to go?

I notice that here in Colorado we go to Mexico a lot because you get a lot for your money, and it's so easy to get to. You can hop on a plane in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon. Most of the Caribbean and European locations you'll lose days just in travel. However, who minds when you get to your Italian Villa, Scottish Castle, or stunning views of the clear blue Caribbean waters?

Here are some of our favorite destinations and ones that we see requests for all the time:

  • Mexico-Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum
  • Costa Rica
  • Hawaii
  • St. Lucia
  • Antigua
  • Jamaica
  • Virgin Islands
  • Italy
  • Greece
Whatever your destination keep your friends and families budgets in mind.
You and your guests will create some fantastic memories in whatever destination you choose!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo of the Week - Wedding Photo Back-up Plan

It happens every now and then that Mother Nature has a different vision for your wedding day. You plan on being outside for your formal wedding photos, and it rains or snows and you have to find a back up place for your photos.

Well don't worry....trust your photographer. They may find some strange places for you to take those formal portraits, but they see something different through the lens. Here's a perfect example!

It was rainy and REALLY cold on Cristina and Tony's wedding day.

I love this shot because it looks like something from a wedding magazine, a great fashion shot. I also think a great shot because of where it was taken. This is in an exit corridor of the hotel. Who knew it could be so dramatic?!?!?!

So just smile, trust your photographer, and enjoy every second of your day...rain or shine!

Thanks Brinton Studios for your creativity!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding Ideas- Table Centerpieces

Varying the Style of Your Table Centerpieces
Once a couple has selected a wedding venue and has defined their personal wedding style we can start fine tuning the look of the wedding. We'll help them determine what kind of centerpieces fit with the room, the table layout, and their wedding style.
We almost always have two different styles of centerpieces. When we do this, at a minimum we will do 1/3 of the room with tall centerpieces and the rest with low.
Here are a few samples:

The ceremony arrangements did double duty and were moved to the guest tables as the low arrangements.
A clean, contemporary, fall feel.
In this room we had both long family style tables with low arrangements and round tables down the middle of the room with the tall florals.
Here we also had a mixture of rounds and family style tables, but with a mixture of the tall and low florals throughout.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Etiquette Tips - What's that M_________ on the RSVP card?

Tipsy Thursday - Wedding Etiquette Tips

Since many of you may be ordering invitations shortly I wanted to answer the very common question about what that mystery "M" is on the RSVP card. You know the one, you've seen it followed by the long line and not quite sure what to write.

Many of my clients ask me this, so you're not alone!

The "M" precedes the space where you would fill in your "title" and then your name.
For example: Miss (adding the "iss") or Mr (just adding the "r").

There is quite a bit of etiquette involved in ordering invitations and all the inserts, so be sure to seek some professional guidance in this area.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Selecting a Wedding Gown

So you're off to the bridal salon to find that jaw dropping gown that makes you glow! Well here's what to know before you go:

1. Be sure to determine your wedding budget and wedding style. How formal is your wedding? typically the more formal the wedding the more formal the gown.
2. Start shopping as soon as the critical planning decisions are made (budget, time of year, formality, etc.). If you're having your gown designed you'll want to start as soon as possible. If you're purchasing a gown from a salon you'll need to make the decision at least 6 months prior to the wedding to avoid those crazy rush charges. Try not to take too many people with you, as all those opinions can be really overwhelming.
3. Just like there are a hundred shades of white paint, there are a lot more shades of wedding gowns! Try on a couple different shades to see which color is right on you.
4. So many designers, so many looks.....don't select your gown on looks alone. You'll be wearing this gown for several hours...walking, posing, entertaining, & dancing. Heavy fabrics with gorgeous beading can be super heavy by the end of the night. Also beware of beading that goes under your arms. I've had to cover the beading on one too many gowns when the beading has rubbed their poor little arms raw.
5. Size doesn't matter.....don't get caught up in the bridal gown sizes and run out to get a gym membership. For some strange reason the bridal industry has this cruel joke when sizing bridal gowns. Just accept they will be much smaller than your normal dress size and focus on how beautiful it is instead of the size on the tag. Most of the samples in the salons will be in smaller sizes too, and they have these lovely clamps that they use to hold the back of the gown closed for you. Again, it's normal for many of the brides in there, so your new mantra is.....size doesn't matter! Spin and twirl on ladies!
6. Try not to pre-judge a style, they look so different on the hangar. Try on several silhouettes, the one you may think you'd never wear could just be THE ONE! It should compliment your figure and also the feel of your event. Short and flirty is great for a casual, outdoor, summer setting for instance. A ball gown with cathedral train is very formal and looks great in those shots of you walking down the aisle of your family church.
  • Ball gowns - Picture just about any of those Disney Princesses with their floor length, ball gown and full skirt.
  • A-line - does just what it says, it's an "A" shape. This style can be very flattering and compliment those curves. It's slim at the top and then flairs out from the waist down.
  • Empire - picture a high waist starting right below the bust and then flairs out.
  • Sheath - I've seen so many of this style lately, it's quite popular and designers are coming out with some stunning styles. If you can pull this straight, narrow, curve-hugging look off it can be very sophisticated and sexy.

7. Trains...really how often do we get to wear trains? Unless you're a European princess with a closet full of gowns this may be the only time. (Except me...I wear my practice train quite often, makes me feel quite regal while I'm vacuuming!) There are a variety of styles and lengths to trains. Again keep in mind that once they are bustled (gathered up and attached so that you don't have to carry them all night) that some may be very heavy, so ask someone to show you how it might be bustled to get a feel for it.

8. Take your camera and snap several photos of each gown you try on from different angles and be sure to get close ups of the details. It will be super helpful after you're at your 5th salon and 42nd gown to remember why number 12 was your fav!

9. Once you've selected your gown, and spun and twirled, and dried away the tears of joy be sure to ask if you can get a sample swatch of the color and material, it will be helpful throughout your planning.

10. The bling - not only will you be trying on dazzling designer gowns, but all the accoutrement as well....veils, tiaras, jewelery...you know, the bling! Just remember the rule that when you look at yourself with everything on if your eye automatically goes to one specific item then take it off.

Last piece of advice, make an appointment. Salons are always busy and you may not get the attention you'd like (or a dressing room) if you haven't scheduled a time. Good luck and twirl on ladies!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Photo of the Week - Wedding Ceremony

Here's my photo of the week...again with kids in it! What can I say I'm a sucker for the little ones in tuxes!
What I really love are those little stories you'd never know that are behind the photos....this was the couples son and ring bearer. They had blessing stones set out at each seat that were part of the ceremony. Their son had a great time playing with them. Right after this photo was taken the officiant asked for the rings, and he threw a rock down between the bride and groom. The officiant said, " Well, those are rocks, not rings" and everyone laughed. It was a fun memory for everyone, and a cute story for them to tell him when he's older.
Again, including kids in your ceremony...you just don't know what they'll do!