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Monday, April 2, 2012

{Wedding Design} - Old Hollywood Wedding Theme

This is the last of our Bridal Festival Inspiration Gallery wedding vignettes....another one of my favorites.
Old Hollywood glamour, and lots of feathers!

The brides black and white bouquet. The black feathers would really make the bouquet standout from the gown.

Then we reversed the feather color for the reception tables....

Simple chair tie with a floral and feather accent.

Friday, March 30, 2012

{Wedding Design} - Casual Sophistication Wedding Theme

I love how summery our Casual Sophistication table turned out...a bit contemporary, and super fun!

Each of our display vignettes at the Bridal Festival show had the dress that matched the theme (super sleek in this case) and a matching bouquet. 

Our centerpiece was in a long mirrored container, with moss, green cymbidium orchids, silver mesh balls, and candles wrapped in leaves.

Polka dot cupcakes greet each guest at their seat....

The bride's cymbidium orchid bouquet.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Wedding Design}- Modern Museum Wedding

This Inspiration Gallery table was based on the Pantone Color Report of hot colors for the year....royal blue and a bright yellow.  We pictured this for a modern museum wedding reception.  I love the ghost chairs!

For the brides bouquet we created a very simple yellow, calla lily bouquet.  
Adding in colored glassware is a fun touch.


The menu card and sign for our love drops favor in the martini glasses were provided by Laney & Joel at Platypus Papers.  Love how it matches our linen exactly!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{Wedding Design}-All the Glitters is Gold Theme

Here's our glittering, gold themed table from our Inspiration Gallery at the last Bridal Festivals.  I think this was my favorite of all that we did!

The vignette included a replica of the royal wedding gown, a lovely bouquet, and of a fabulous guest table!

I  L-O-V-E this table, we had three different linens, and so many textures, it was my my absolute favorite!


We included a lot of gilded leaf details in this table, including on the chair decor.


 Round menu cards (Platypuspapers.com) sat on the plate.  Just a bit of glitz and glam in the rhinestone napkin ring.

I loved this romantic bride's bouquet.....soft ivory and a hint of blush tones, along with our gold gilded leaves, it was gorgeous!

{Wedding Design} - Rocky Mountain High Wedding

From our recent bridal show inspiration gallery, we did several tables including a Rocky Mountain High Sweetheart Table.  This one we tried to keep very simple.....

The wildflower bouquet...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Wedding Design} - Love In Bloom, Candy Display

Candy and dessert stations are still so popular at wedding receptions, make sure that you're ties in to your wedding theme.   Here's our Love In Bloom candy station display from our recent Bridal Festivals Inspiration Gallery.  Think Monet Garden wedding theme, very romantic!
We did a whole vignette, complete with a gown style that matched the theme, the candy display, and a bouquet.


Most of the candy stations we do include fabulous cupcakes, we love to display them on picture frames.

There are so many things out there that can be containers for candy stations, get creative!  This a a small garden themed box that we got at Michael's craft store.

We poured a bag of sugar in the jar to keep the rock candy sticks standing. I loved the adorable paper signs and flowers designed by Laney and Joel at Platypus Papers.

Monday, March 26, 2012

{Wedding Design} Cotton Candy Wedding Accents

I did a post the other day about using cotton candy at our bridal show table. It got me thinking about what other fun ways could you use cotton candy at your wedding?   I think it would be great to use the cotton candy set at your placesetting, displayed in a bowl, and then have the staff come and pour a soup course in the glass and the cotton candy melts, adding to the flavor.  Ok, before you say “eewww grosss”! Keep in mind there are tons of flavors of cotton candy including bacon & jalapeno.   Check out Tasty Clouds for a ton of flavors!
So that may be an option for you foodies…for those not quite as adventurous….you could just top your champagne glass with a tuft of your favorite flavor….strawberry maybe. 

Well I searched to see how others are using this sweet treat, and here are just a few:

Candy Stations
Using it as a backdrop and to add height.  
Hanging from a tree for guests to take home. 
Little balls of cotton candy in cupcake holders.

Cake Decor
It would make lovely d├ęcor item around your cake, very ethereal!

Champagne Garnish
Pick your favorite flavor or wedding colors.


Signature Drinks
The most popular seems to be as a signature drink, either as a garnish or as part of the drink recipe.




Catering Enhancement
I think it would be cool to work with your caterer on a flavor mixture and create your own unique cotton candy course.  It would be memorable!   

Pumpkin Soup with cotton candy garnish
Garnish for late night snack
Your caterer could make a food flavored cotton candy and you could have it as an appetizer or dessert station.  Your caterer could pass out sticks of a spun bacon flavored cotton candy, or mango flavored…yes this actually exists!!  I had the mango flavored one, and it was delish!

Bacon Flavored cotton candy
Bacon Flavored Cotton Candy served on Bacon

Shrimp covered in cotton candy
What ideas can you think of for adding cotton candy to your day?

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Wedding Design} Love is In the Air Design Table

We just did the bridal show at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek.   
Here’s a few pictures of our all white, Love is In the Air themed table.

Amy from the Flower House and I really wanted to do a glass table where the centerpiece appeared to go right through the glass, and get a great floating feeling.  I love how Amy added the pussywillows which just softened it enough, and made it look like they were holding up the table.

Anna Be Bridal Salon added a beautiful gown to our vignette and totally captured the airy feel.

We also wanted to use cotton candy to add that fluffy cloud feel....the staff could come and pour your signature drink over the cloudy poof and the cotton candy would melt...quite a first course!  

Happy Spring……Love is in the Air!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wedding Design Workshop

I was on cloud nine during our first wedding design workshop…I had the best time presenting our award winning design secrets, and helping the brides discover their own personal wedding style through a series of exercises.   We even had grooms attend...and they even loved it!   

We did a short presentation and then the brides were off to the hands on portion of the workshop where they used what they had learned about their style and our design library to create their wedding inspiration board.

We had vendors on hand that worked with them to talk about flowers that were in season, how they can pull their ideas in to their paper items (menus, programs, etc), and of course we pulled out linens and set up tables so they could get really get a feel for their look.

"I highly recommend this workshop to any and all planning on getting married. I left with more knowledge, ideas, pointers than any website or magazine could ever offer. The flow of the seminar made it fun. The wedding board is such a great way to communicate with vendors. Thanks for giving me the tools I need to make my day extra special" - Kristy A.

We met with each bride to give suggestions for ideas they may want to pull in and make sure they had a clear picture of their direction…I was in wedding design heaven!

One bride told me she really didn’t know what she was getting in to when she came, she thought it would be just like doing it on Pinterest, but once she was done she was shocked that it was so different, and that her vision was so much clearer than anything she had shared with her vendors from Pinterest.

I love Pinterest as much as the next person and it is a great tool, but unless you know how to pull all those ideas together in to a cohesive look you’re going to struggle with finding your wedding style!

"The Wedding Design Workshop was so helpful. I had no clue what I was going to choose for my colors, let alone my theme. By the end of the class my board was full of ideas on flowers, linens, style, and organization. Thanks!" - Martha A.

Our next Wedding Design Workshop is on Saturday, April 14th, you can click the link below for more information and to register.  The last one sold out, so don't wait!