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Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding Design Ideas - Destination Wedding

Wedding Design
Destination Wedding Ideas

I've been down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico all week...I'm sure by the time this posts I'll be pretty burnt! .....skin-wise...not exhaustion-wise. Can't wait to tell you all about it when I return!

Until then here's some destination wedding color inspiration. So many options....picture all those shades of blue to go with the water ....sunset colors....hot pink is always great in the tropics.

Here's some inspiration for that tropical setting!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tipsy Thursday- Caterer Tasting Etiquette

Tipsy Thursday Wedding Etiquette
Tasting Tips

This is the favorite part for many people...or at least the groom....the tasting with the caterer and bakeries. I've heard stories of brides who've done tastings with 7 caterers, ladies this is just not necessary...and makes those dress fittings more challenging!

So here's some etiquette that goes along with tastings.
  1. Get quotes from your caterers, compare and NARROW it down! Believe me the caterers understand if you are comparing them with one or two others, but not 8! It costs them a lot of money to do these and in the end yes they will pass it on to you one way or another!

  2. Be up front about the amount you have to spend. They can give you great suggestions.

  3. Have your menu narrowed down to what you think you really will have at your wedding so that you only need one tasting with the caterer. If you need to completely change an item see if it's possible for them to make just that item and you can swing in to pick it up at another time. Only do this if you plan on booking with this company.

  4. This is the most important one...ASK how many people you are allowed to bring, and only bring that number.

  5. Tell them any dislikes prior to the tasting...if you really hate onions ask them to leave them off...also let them know of any food allergies for people attending the tasting.
  6. At the tasting- be clear and specific on what you like and don't like...you are not hurting their feelings (just do it tactfully). Too much salt let them know, they can change sauces, leave off items you dislike etc. That's what tastings are for....so you can modify the menu.
  7. Be sure to ask to see pictures of their work, ask about staff attire, staff ratios etc
Obviously with a great wedding planner they will take care of all this for you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo of the Week- Check out the Trash the Dress! Steamy!

Photo of the Week
Trash the Dress

As you read this post I'll be on the plane heading down to Mexico for another destination wedding! I just got the photos back from the last one I did and I have to say our photographer Elizabeth Medina outdid herself!!!

The trash the dress session is absolutely steamy!

I know many people who can't even bare to think about rolling around on the ground in their wedding dress, but Trash the Dress is becoming a bigger trend! Check out these stunning photos and you'll see why...it looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine!!! (in this case the bride had a second dress to wear for the photo session that took place the day after the wedding)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taylor and Paul's Wedding Featured in Inside Weddings

Inside Weddings Magazine Feature!
Taylor and Paul's Wedding

We love seeing our bride and groom's in print! We were fortunate to have Inside Weddings magazine feature Taylor and Paul's wedding in their most current issue. There wedding was at fabulous Dunton Hot Springs just outside of Telluride.

They were such a great couple and a stunning wedding!
Thanks Taylor and Paul for letting us be part of your wedding.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Photo of the Week- Groom's Cake

Photo of the Week
Groom's Cakes

(For the Groom who went to the University of Colorado- Ralphie!)

Now that bakeries are getting so sophisticated with what they can do, I think it's a blast to pull in a groom's cake......ok maybe the word "sophisticated" and "Groom's cake" don't belong in the same sentence ;)
It really is a fun way to bring your groom in to the planning, or even to surprise him with something he loves...in the form of a cake.

The Groom's Cake is much smaller than the wedding cake, usually just a tier or two, and a different flavor as well. You can serve the Groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding. Typically the Groom's Cake will be set on a different table from the wedding cake.
So take your Groom's favorite hobby or interest and turn it into a fun cake.
Does he love books....how about a yummy pile of his faves?
Does he love sushi....they can make cake look like a tray of California Rolls.
So he's never without his IPOD.....bakers can make one that's delicious!
Check out these great groom's cakes from one of my favorite bakeries (The Makery).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photo of the Week- Something Old, Something New...

Photo of the Week
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Weddings are all about traditions...and one of my favorite is the "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue". I always ask my clients what they have for each of these items...people get VERY creative. Of all wedding traditions, I think this one is still one that brides love.

The tradition dates back centuries, according to the tradition each of these items is supposed to bring the couple good luck.

Something Old - This symbolizes continuity with the bride's family and the past.
  • have a locket with a picture of your grandmother on her wedding day
  • handkerchief
  • your family heirloom pearls
Something New - Symbolizing hope for the bride's new life ahead. That you and your husband are creating a new union that will endure forever
  • piece of jewelry (we always need more don't we?)
  • your gown
  • your engagement picture in a silver locket tied to your bouquet
  • key to your new house tied to the inside of your dress
Something Borrowed - Borrow an item from a happily married friend or family member, so that their good fortune in marriage will carry over to you.
  • your mother’s wedding ring on your wedding day
  • your best friend’s fave piece of jewelry
Something Blue - In ancient times, brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. Your blue symbolizes fidelity to each other.
  • a necklace with a blue stone
  • blue garter under your wedding dress (just be sure to wear a white and a blue garter - tell your groom to remove the white one so that he is not tossing away your symbol of faithfulness)
  • paint your toes blue!
  • blue shoes

The last and not always common part of this saying is ......."and a silver sixpence in her shoe". This represents wealth and financial security.

  • A sixpence is a coin that was minted in Britain. You can purchase keepsake ones online.
  • Here in the US we often change this out to a "penny in her shoe" although some use a dime. Note for the best luck it should be in your left shoe.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Design Ideas-Yellow, Daisy Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Design

Daisy Yellow Inspiration Board

With all the crazy weather we have going on in Colorado right now, it has me dreaming of warm summer weather. So here's some design ideas for a daisy inspired wedding theme, with yellow as the wedding colors. I can feel the warmth of the sun now!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tipsy Thursday- Etiquette for Wedding Showers

It's Tipsy Thursday and time for more Wedding Etiquette.
April Showers.....bring Bridal Showers.
This may be the first of many celebrations in your honor. A wedding shower is a gathering of your friends, family and bridal party where they "shower" you with gifts....what fun!!!!

So here's some wedding shower basics every bride should know:
-Showers can be held anywhere from a few weeks prior to the wedding to a couple months. Just try not to schedule it too close to the wedding day as you'll have a few other things on your mind!

-Who's the Hostess? One long standing rule is that it's condisered rude and greedy for your immediate family to host the shower. This would include your mother, grandmother, siblings, mother-in-laws. This is the general rule, and in certain circumstances it is becoming more common for anyone to host the shower.

-Your fabulous guests- Usually this is made up of only close friends and family...you after all asking them to bring you a gift so your guests should be people you know! Anyone invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding. Nowadays this gets in to a problem with you work friends- if your office chooses to host an office shower that is the one exception as nobody expects you to invite all your coworkers. If you are having multiple showers were you may have some overlap on the guests, you should only invite them to one or two of the showers. Your bridal party, if invited to all showers, needs to be told they should only bring a gift to one of the showers...or they may want to do a joint gift at the showers to keep the cost down. This last word on guests is very imporatant.......the hostess decides how many people to invite afterall she is paying for it and you should be considerate to her checkbook.
-Invitations- the hostess can be issued in person, by phone, or typically in an actual inviation (many are available that are preprinted andyou can just fill in the pertinent information) It is acceptable to include registry information in the invite.

-Opening the gifts- this is the highlight and often the entertainment of the shower and usually happens after the refreshments are served. Have one of your attendants sit next to you so they can write down what you received and who it's from. You shoud thank each gift giver. Keep in mind you still will need to send a thank you note for the gift later. Often brides will keep the bows from their shower to put on a plate and make a "practice bouquet" to use for the rehearsal.

-Decor, theme, refreshments-this can get pretty creative! There's no real rule here except that it should be appropriate to the time of day (brunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, dessert). the hostess may want to have alovely arrangment on the table where drinks and snacks are being served. Often the hostess will select a theme for the shower...Round the Clock (guests are assigned a time and bring a gift appropriate to that hour)...Couples Shower (the grom and his friends attend- usually gifts are geared more towards the couple than just the bride)...Pantry Showers..Stock the Bar Showers...Recipe Showers. In some parts of the country there is the tradition to play some games, but many are steeering away from this and just using it as a time to get to know those closest to the couple and celebrate their upciming marriage.

-How many can I have? Typically two is really the limit with different guests invited to each one. You don't want to put a strain on your guests pocketbooks!

-Be sure to send a thank you note to the hostess, and even a little gift would be appreciated for all their hard work on your fabulous shower.

Enjoy these celebrations in your honor, just remember that it's not the loot that's important, it's the intimate celebration with your closest friends and family!