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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tipsy Thursday- Caterer Tasting Etiquette

Tipsy Thursday Wedding Etiquette
Tasting Tips

This is the favorite part for many people...or at least the groom....the tasting with the caterer and bakeries. I've heard stories of brides who've done tastings with 7 caterers, ladies this is just not necessary...and makes those dress fittings more challenging!

So here's some etiquette that goes along with tastings.
  1. Get quotes from your caterers, compare and NARROW it down! Believe me the caterers understand if you are comparing them with one or two others, but not 8! It costs them a lot of money to do these and in the end yes they will pass it on to you one way or another!

  2. Be up front about the amount you have to spend. They can give you great suggestions.

  3. Have your menu narrowed down to what you think you really will have at your wedding so that you only need one tasting with the caterer. If you need to completely change an item see if it's possible for them to make just that item and you can swing in to pick it up at another time. Only do this if you plan on booking with this company.

  4. This is the most important one...ASK how many people you are allowed to bring, and only bring that number.

  5. Tell them any dislikes prior to the tasting...if you really hate onions ask them to leave them off...also let them know of any food allergies for people attending the tasting.
  6. At the tasting- be clear and specific on what you like and don't like...you are not hurting their feelings (just do it tactfully). Too much salt let them know, they can change sauces, leave off items you dislike etc. That's what tastings are for....so you can modify the menu.
  7. Be sure to ask to see pictures of their work, ask about staff attire, staff ratios etc
Obviously with a great wedding planner they will take care of all this for you!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

When a caterer asks you to tell them what items you'd like to taste, should you pick just one of your possible choices, or all of them? I understand it's basically a meal for us, so asking for two beef dishes, two chicken dishes, and three hors d'oeuvres might be a bit much. Is this expected, and, if not, how do we avoid needing a second tasting?