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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Wedding- Hysterical Best Man Toast!

Heather and Jason
Villa Parker
Parker, Colorado

Ok, besides being the most adorable couple ever, this wedding was so much fun! It made it in to one of my top 10 most memorable wedding moments...read on to hear all about the best man's toast!

Heather and Jason wanted to make sure their guests had a great time and that the wedding reflected their flair for fun.

We had a guestbook photo station with props and this frame, which ended up being a hit for group shots too! I don't think I ever saw them this serious?

Heather's stunning blue hydrangea bouquet was personalized with a pin from her father who had passed away.

Here comes the bride....adorable ring bearer award, smiled on cue and everything!

Such simple aisle decor, but the color really popped!

Love the enthusiasm....can you tell they enjoyed every second?

A few reception details...

They decided to skip the floral centerpieces and went straight for their fave part...the cake. Each one was a different combination of their colors and had a word important to marriage on it.

And now....for the all time funniest best man's toast!

I seriously was bit worried for the groom....ladies you have to share this with your groom, he'll love it!

The best man started by giving all these funny little gifts wrapped in blue paper to the groom that had to do with the fact that now he's married his life will change. Then they said something about how since the bride didn't like golf that he would need the pass to go and so they had wrapped all his club handles in pink.

So far no big deal....then he said actually he probably wouldn't be needing his clubs any longer at all...and he proceeds to break them one at a time across his knee.

After the first one, the groom picks it up and realizes these really are his clubs!

Then they continue to break them for various reasons..."he never was really good at using this anyways", etc. One of the gifts he had received earlier was a box of Kleenex....the bride hands one to him as he watches them destroy every club in his bag. I really think he was in shock!

On the up side, the last box they brought out had a whole brand new set of great clubs that the groom had wanted! ...it really was a Happily Ever After!

Thanks Gaston Photography!

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