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Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted Halloween Weddings!

It's the season for spooky, and in any given evening you might come across The Bride of Chucky, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Corpse Bride all in one night!

Why so many scary brides? Well, judging by some of the Halloween Weddings we've stumbled upon, hosting a Halloween affair can open a creative can of worms and turn out quite bootiful (sorry...I had to).

Take a sneaky peak into the frightful affairs of these Halloween revelers! Does it inspire you to host your own Halloween wedding? Or does it more so inspire your costume for Sunday?

This Tim Burton inspired bride was photographed by Laura Nikisher. Although, contrary to most
of Burton's characters, this bride is looking particularly alive...

Erin Hearts Court photographed this festive Halloween wedding. Bridesmaids dressed in rainbow, an
aisle lined in bright orange pumpkins, and a classic bride with a black and white striped twist. I love it!

Mazel Tov! Substituting breaking a glass with breaking a pumpking?
Couldn't get more creative! Photos by egomedia

Hey, if you're going to have your wedding on Halloween, this is the way to do it...
Pumpkins and classic lines keep things festive and won't give the kids nightmares!

Pumpkins and patches and mountains, oh my!
Photo by A Bryan Photography

If you're now sold on being a Corpse Bride... this definitely takes the cake!
@ Pink Cake Box

Happy Halloween everyone!

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