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Monday, July 11, 2011

See Why Having a Wedding Video is Important!

Couples always tell me they don't think they want a video for their wedding, and I always reply the same way.  Why don't you look at one, so you know what you aren't getting. Just about every time they change their minds.
Video is so different from photography (no matter how fabulous the photographer), it's capturing everything that happens between the clicks of the camera. Once you experience that, then you'll see why it's so important to have both mediums.

Here's what I mean.....

Here's part of the first look moment from Sarah and Anthony's wedding in a great shot (among many others) from www.jason-gina.com

Here's the video trailer from Rising Moon...you can feel his nervous excitement to see her!

Sarah + Anthony Trailer from Rising Moon on Vimeo.

Both so different, both beautiful, and I believe both necessary!   Be sure to save a little room in your budget for videography...not having a video is the one regret most couples have, don't be one of those couples! You'll be so happy to relive your day again and again.


Chelle Smith said...

Wow Julie...what an amazing comparison! His reaction was so raw and almost in layers...only a video could capture it ALL. Thank you for such a visual reminder on an option that is so often cut out of the budget. Every bride should read this post.

Callandra said...

What a brilliant example! It's so true, both mediums really bring out touching memories. Now I'm all weepy!

Here's to you . . . Weddings and Events said...

tears, tears and more tears! LOVE the way he bends down and it looks as though he just can't believe how beautiful his bride is!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sean said...

I've been photographing weddings for 6 years and my driving force is to reveal and retell emotion. I am considering moving over to being exclusively a wedding cinematographer because, truly, motion picture captures magnitudes more detail and storytelling power. At some point soon, my studio will be able to roll video and later pull out still shots. The day is near...

Nicole Nichols Photography said...

I'm a wedding photographer and I tell all my brides to get a video! If a picture can say a thousand words a video can say a million. Rising Moon did my wedding video and I still cry & laugh every time I watch it. Its my favorite movie to watch, especially for our anniversary night!