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Monday, March 23, 2009

Photo of the Week- Is your wedding timeless?

Photo of the Week -Timeless Wedding
This weekend I celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary. My hubby and I looked over our wedding album and had a few laughs..."Look at the hair...look at what people were wearing...check out the dance pics, what a great party!" It was also nice to see photos of people who are no longer with us. Here are my photos of the week and a little advice at the end....my family wedding album:

Photo of my grandmother's wedding

My mom wouldn't share hers, but I got this one of them as bridal party members)
Me...check out that hair! LOL...poofy sleeves...it was so the style! I was trendsetting at the time to have black as my bridesmaids dress color. My grandma was shocked, but liked it when she saw it.

I have so many brides who say they want their wedding to be timeless, that they don't want to look back at their wedding and say that it was trendy at the time. I'm not sure there's any way to avoid that...and how would you know? Plus it's SO much fun to look at it now and explain to my kids that it was the style of the times!

So my advice to brides...don't get to caught up in worrying about the timeless factor....you love it now, you'll love it later just with a few laughs and good memories added in!

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