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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fit for a Princess ...a Royal Wedding Table Design

Did I mention I'm going to London for the Royal Wedding...did I mention that the wedding is in 17 days....can I say I'm just a tad excited for this!

The announcement of a Royal Wedding really created quite a stir....and as it gets closer the frenzy seems to grow.

Since I'm so excited, many things in my life seem to take a royal wedding twist.  We recently did a bridal show and our theme for our table design was of course "A Royal Wedding".  We aren't all royalty, but we can be a princess for a day, so we designed a table of that was soft, romantic, and elegant, with a twist of fun for the cake.

Thank you to JS Design Custom for gorgeous menus, to Mulberries for amazing flowers, they smelled sooo good...wish this screen was scratch and sniff..or better yet Wonka Vision so you could reach in and grab one of the amazing cupcakes by Lovely Confections.


 Thank you Jared Wilson Photography and Mansurovs Photography


Aimee Hardenbergh said...

Love it! Did you make the cupcake stand?

Classic Creations said...

No the cake stand was provided by the cake artist.

Unknown said...

Oh I love this! You don't see many classically beautiful weddings featured anymore, but this is one to swoon over!